Remote Deposit Anywhere

Remote Deposit lets you deposit checks anywhere, anytime.

Your phone is pretty amazing. You can use it to do so many things.

And now, with the Bank of Clarendon mobile app, you can use your phone to quickly, easily and securely deposit checks right into your account. And every transaction is:

QUICK– you just sign, tap and submit

EASY– with just a few simple steps, your deposit is on its way

SECURE– your deposits are password protected and encrypted

BOC Remote Deposit benefits:

24/7 Access
You don't have to worry about business hours or closing times.

Make deposits from anywhere
Whether you are home or out and about.

No need to drive anywhere so you can enjoy your free time.

The Bank of Clarendon mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices. 

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Security: Both online and mobile banking have enhanced security features. During setup you will be required to authenticate via text or phone call. You will need to know your USER ID and PASSWORD, as well as have a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER.

If you need assistance with your USER ID or PASSWORD, please email us at, or you may call us at (803)433.4451.

Review our frequently asked questions about online and mobile banking.