Online Banking FAQs

Online and Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I do not remember my online/mobile app password. What should I do?

A: If you do not know your password, you may request a new password through the online banking platform on our website  or you may call one of our helpful customer service representatives at 803.433.4451. You may also email us at

Bill Pay Services

Q: What is “P2P”?

A: P2P references a new feature to Bill Pay known a “person-to-person” payment. This allows two people to securely transfer funds from one to another electronically. For example, rather than writing a $50 check to your friend for money that is owed, you send him a secure email to initiate a transfer. Safe, quick, and convenient!


Q: How do I get my current BOC app upgraded?

A:  Go to the app store for your device (Apple or Android).  Type 'Bank of Clarendon' into the search bar and then click on the app icon itself.  This generates an 'UPDATE' button.  Click on the button and your existing BOC will app will update.  

Q: I don't have the BOC app yet. How do I get the new app?

A: If you are an Apple user, go to your Apple Store and download the new app. Key in “Bank of Clarendon” and search. If you are an Android user, go to the Google Store and search for “Bank of Clarendon”.

Q: How do I sign on the new app for the first time?

A: Once you have downloaded the app to your mobile device, there are several steps you will need to take before you can use it. The following steps are required:

  • Enter your existing User ID and Password
  • Create a new 4 digit PIN and accept the terms and conditions
  • Initiate biometric recognition (thumbprint or facial recognition)
  • Enter Phone # and receive authentication code
  • Enter the authentication code

Q: What should I expect when I sign on with the new app?

A:  A much more user-friendly experience! Our new app will greet you by name on your Home Page and you can move around between accounts and functions with greater ease. Information will be more easily viewable and organized in a way that better suits your needs.

Q: Can I make a deposit with the camera on my phone?

A: Yes! This is one of the enhancements we have made to our mobile banking app. This service is called Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA) and is available at no charge to you. If you are interested in this service, select the “Deposit” button in your mobile app and follow the directions. Registration for this service may take up to 1 business day. Certain restrictions apply. Click here for RDA FAQs,

Q: What other functions are available with the enhanced mobile app?

  • Customizable dashboard that allows you to change the settings to meet your needs
  • External transfers that gives you the freedom to move money from an account you may have elsewhere to your Bank of Clarendon account
  • More bill pay options through your mobile device